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Avoiding Scams

Unfortunately there are some tricksters online who will try trick you with fraudulent methods regarding the buying or selling of your car. But being a little cautious and using common sense, you can mostly avoid any such scams.

online-scamThe biggest preventative measure you can use is your own sense of reason. If a person seems too urgent, persistent, makes unusual requests or you just have the feeling ‘something isn’t right’, then there is a good chance you are correct.

Don’t be persuaded to rush or use any payment method you are not totally familiar with. It is always advisable to meet face to face with a seller, to check out the vehicle and do some due diligence with the paperwork. Buying sight unseen is never advised.

if you are proceeding with a purchase, take a photo of the sellers licence or the dealer licence. If the hesitate, question yourself why.

If you are asked to make a payment or deposit in an unusual way or pay for an usual item/service, question why and do some research, but most of all, do it on your terms.

The same with receiving payments. Paypal and most banks do not generally work with an escrow system for everyday transactions. So if you have not received the payment as agreed and confirmed 100% with your finance institution that you have received the payment, do not proceed until you do with your 100% satisfaction and assurance. Don’t rush or just trust, always better to be safe than sorry.