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Motor Dealers

Motor dealers can list your entire stock inventory for free. We can do this because of the support of advertisers, present and future.


We are making the Must Sell A Car Global website the biggest database of cars worldwide, and with your help we will achieve this.


So how do you add your inventory:


1. Do it yourself; if you are a small dealership you can simply Register on the site as a Dealer and then go to your Dashboard. There you will see a large button at the top ‘Multi-Uploads’.


Just follow the prompts to upload a .csv document, (all stock management programs will allow you to export in this format), and then upload all your stock images. (Images must correlate with the stock number by have the name start with the correlating stock number. Example: If the car stock number is #78529 then the images for that vehicle should be names #78529yellowcar1.jpg). Have all images to be uploaded in one folder and upload as one.


Please note that uploading too many vehicles could take a very long time due to the images file size and number over your internet connection speed. This is why we recommend this option only for small dealerships. 


You can also just add your cars one at a time by clicking on the Create Ad in your Dashboard, and follow the prompts.


2. Using Third Party Distribution; If you use a third party dealer solution that distributes your stock for you, you may find in your portal with them that you can simply select us as a Destination. If we are not yet displaying as a Destination option, just let us know (click here) and we’ll contact the dealer solution company to have us added.


* Third Party distributors may have additional charges for extra destinations.